About us

Dr. Shipra Rawal completed her BDS from Pravara Dental Institute (Pune University) in 1995. She then started her own clinic in 1998 in uttam nagar area of west delhi, after working with a hospital and senior doctor in delhi for almost 3 years to fine tune her dental skills. She has a vast knowledge in field of cosmetic dentistry and complete smile makeovers with restoring missing teeth. Dr Shipra is also a certified dental implantologist and trained in dental implants by Osstem AIC South Korea. She is also a member of Indian Dental Association (IDA). She is also a life member of Indian Medical Association (IMA-Janakpuri).

Dental clinic in Janakpuri

Sterilization protocol

At Dr. Rawal's clinic, stringent sterilization measures are followed. Disposable gloves, facemasks and glasses are used. Only disposable syringes and needles are used. All our instruments used on patients are either disposed of or are properly cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner, then disinfected or sterilized after use. Heat-sterilizing instruments in an autoclave or dry-heat sterilizer kills all potential disease-causing agents that might remain after patient treatment. All heat-stable instruments that are exposed to a patient's blood are processed in this manner, including the dental drill. Any instruments that cannot tolerate high temperatures are thoroughly cleaned and soaked in disinfectant chemicals. Instruments used for surgery, including tooth extraction, are heat sterilized and stored in a sterile wrap or container until they are used. We use an autoclaving machine, a dental sterilizer that processes instruments faster and more effectively than ever before. In autoclaving, instruments (which are first cleaned, dried, and placed in a special steam-penetrable wrap), are subjected to pressurized steam for 15 to 20 minutes. Types of Implants, instruments, equipments etc. used in our surgical procedures are sterilized and inspected before and after every procedure.